Monday, December 15, 2008

Pastor's Perspective

Merry Christmas! and the Church Blog Schedule

The last First Epistle for the Year of our Lord, 2008 will be printed this week. Our faithful editor (and publishers!) will take a brief break and then get right back at it in 2009. As usual, we will not publish the week of Christmas or New Year's Day, so the first issue of 2009 will be dated January 9. Now, for those of you who can't imagine going two weeks without the First Epistle, be assured that things will keep humming along here on the church blog. My online version of the Pastor's Perspective will appear here (as per usual) on Mondays.

By the way, this gives me a chance to tell you (again) about the regular schedule and some of the regular features here on the First Presbyterian Church Blog.

Generally, we will try to have the first post of the day up by just after midnight of the day on which it is scheduled to appear (so that our British, European and African readers can get it first thing in the morning when they are waking up and getting to work and school). Don't forget that you are able to post comments, suggestions and questions on the blog. Our contributors are automatically and immediately alerted when you do.

Well, here's the lineup:

Sundays– Market Day of the Soul, these entries offer resources for preparation for, and reflections on the enjoyment of, public worship on the Lord's Day here at First Pres.

Mondays– Pastor's Perspective, these posts contain my meandering thoughts on life and ministry here at First Presbyterian, reflections and resources on current events, recaps of recent messages, alerts about important events in the life of the church and more.
Blog of the Week, every other week, we'll tip you off on the best of the blogosphere. Anyone who spends time on the web knows that lots of time can be wasted there. We'll point you to the most edifying and informative blogs out there.

Tuesdays– Understanding the Times, Derek's musings and reflections on (usually by Derek) life, theology, culture and "our times." Derek tries to get us to think Christianly about all of life and to live Christianly in all of life.

Wednesdays– Hymns of the Faith, material from our weekly radio program of the same name, focusing on the texts, authors, composers and backgrounds of the best hymns ever written. We hope this is a help and encouragement for you in public and private worship.

Thursdays– Window on the World, Jeremy and Nate look at the world through biblical glasses (or via a biblical window, to keep the metaphor of the title going!), and ask us to think and act biblically in all of life.
Sunday Orders of Service, on Thursday mornings we'll post the upcoming Sunday bulletin to assist you in preparation for worship.

Fridays – Missionary Spotlight, Jeremy introduces you to the evangelists, campus ministers and missionaries supported by First Presbyterian Church.

Saturdays – Sunday's Coming! (by various ministers), quotes and thoughts to help you prepare for the Lord's Day and to ready you for public worship.

Now, this schedule doesn't include Donna's and Ashley's weekly entries. Partly because I don't know if we've/they've come up with a regular name for them (Ashley has one called "From Dishes to Discipleship" which sounds like a keeper to me!), and partly because I don't know whether they want to post on the same day each week. Stay tuned. Also, all of the contributors will make occasional posts, and there will be intermittent features like: Ask the Pastor (a post in which I, or other ministers or staff) respond to your questions.

Merry Christmas!

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