Friday, June 12, 2009

Missionary Spotlight

Jon and Tracy Eide, Ukraine

Jon & Tracy felt God's call to build the church in the Russian speaking world, and have been doing so with Mission to the World since 1997. They have worked with church plants in Nikolaev, Ukraine, Philadelphia, PA, and now in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. They feel privileged to have seen the church in Ukraine emerge and begin to become established during this time.

Jon serves as the city team leader helping to meet the needs of the Ukrainian church with people, materials, and finances. He serves the church plant by discipling young men, preaching, and teaching. Jon is ordained in the PCA, and enjoys running.

Tracy is a nurse by education, and cares for the family and home. She also serves the church and team through discipleship, prayer meetings, and hosting many visitors. Her favorite pastime is gardening.

Jon & Tracy have three children, Alison (5/24/96), Natalie (6/14/99), and Zachary (7/7/06), the youngest of whom they recently adopted from Ukraine. The girls attend an American school in Kiev where also they study Russian.

Please pray for the Eides as they minister in a country facing many challenges, and in need of the church.


Monday, June 01, 2009

Missionary Spotlight

Davy and Pey , East Asia

Davy and Pey came from very different backgrounds, but followed similar paths toward ministry involvement in East Asia. Davy grew up in a Christian home and spent many of his childhood years in South Korea, where his parents were involved in medical missions.
Pey was born in Taiwan, in a non-Christian home, and immigrated with her family to the US at a young age. Both attended college in the US, Davy at UNC and Pey at Vanderbilt, and were involved in campus ministry during that time. After having graduated from college, both went to East Asia to be involved in campus ministry.

In East Asia they spent the bulk of their time doing evangelism and discipleship on university campuses and working with the small percentage of students who were able to attend college. After having completed separate shorter-term commitments in East Asia, they both committed to return long-term, which was the point at which they first met. When both of them had returned for long-term service, they were placed on the same campus team. During these two years of overlap, they courted and were engaged. In 2001, they planned to return to US to get married and pursue theological education, with a view toward returning to East Asia.

Pey and Davy were married in the summer of 2001 and both began theological study at Westminster Theological Seminary that fall. As a result of classes, church involvement, and becoming aware of the different opportunities for ministry that were developing, God began to place a desire in their hearts for work in the church. Upon graduating in 2005, Davy began a yearlong pastoral internship at Christ Community Church, a PCA church plant in Chapel Hill, NC. He was ordained for the ministry of assisting with indigenous church planting in East Asia in the summer of 2007.

In August 2007, Davy and Pey returned to a large urban center in East Asia, where they began working with a graduate transition ministry, as well as becoming involved in a house church movement. In July 2008, Davy transitioned to devoting his full ministry attention to giving direction to this house church network. In this capacity, he helps mentor, train, and give direction to the leaders of these house churches, as well as seeking to help facilitate continued growth and the planting of new house churches.

Pey and Davy have two children: Cooper, 3, and Sophie, 10 months. Pey spends the bulk of her time giving care to the children. Additionally, she has had some opportunities to use her counseling training both with expats in the missionary community in East Asia and with nationals within the church planting network.