Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Living Faith of the Dead

J.C. Ryle explains the Gospel-centered Christian Life

Jaroslav Pelikan once famously said that the church's tradition was "the living faith of the dead, not the dead faith of the living." Well, this regular feature of the blog "The Living Faith of the Dead" will aim to feed you hors d'ouvres from the best authors in the history of the church, as they reflect on the truth of God revealed to us in Scripture.

Today's quote is from our favorite Anglican Bishop - J.C. Ryle.

"Christianity is a religion built upon facts. Let us never lose sight of this. It came before mankind at first in this shape. The first preachers did not go up and down the world, proclaiming an elaborate, artificial system of abstruse doctrines and deep principles. They made it their first business to tell men great plain facts. They went about telling a sin-laden world, that the Son of God had come down to earth, and lived for us, and died for us, and risen again. The Gospel, at its first publication, was far more simple than many make it now. It was neither more nor less than the history of Christ.

"Let us aim at greater simplicity in our own personal religion. Let Christ and His Person be the sun of our system, and let the main desire of our souls be to live the life of faith in Him, and daily know Him better. This was Paul's Christianity. "To me to live is Christ." (Philipp. 1:21.)" [from Expository Thoughts on Luke]

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