Friday, December 19, 2008

Missionary Spotlight

Dale and Kathy Hollenbeck, Uganda

Dale and Kathy Hollenbeck have been serving the Church in southwestern Uganda in theological education since 2001. Dale served as a lecturer in Biblical studies with fellow RTS Jackson graduated at Uganda Bible Institute, a school established in 2003 to equip church leaders with the tools they need to preach and teach the Word of God.

Dale also serves as a trainer with Veritas College, a mobile ministry focusing on training pastors and church leaders in the skills of Biblical exegesis. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Dale is the Les Collines Unit Leader for Africa Inland Mission International (southwest Uganda and Rwanda), recruiting and caring for fellow missionaries. Kathy home educates their three boys, Micah (9), Benjamin (6) and Zachary (4). Kathy is a member of a team trainers that conducts periodic Sunday school teacher trainings throughout churches in Mbarara. She also teaches ladies’ Bible studies in the neighborhood and at the local university. The Hollenbecks host a weekly children’s catechism club in their home for neighborhood children. In all of their endeavors, the Hollenbecks seek to bring glory to Christ as they disciple Christians for the growth of the church and the advance of the Gospel in missions.

Please pray for them as they further the kingdom through preaching and teaching!

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Mutawe Samuel said...

Yes, I Testify His Great Work Done For Me As A Child of CHRIST. Who With There Help Made Me Grow Up To Be Like Jesus And Loved Me So Much.
Great Thanks to U and His Familly 4 Gods Work!
Sam I Am.