Friday, December 26, 2008

Missionary Spotlight

Ed and Emily Hartman, Romania

When God called the Hartman’s to Romania, he didn’t just call Ed, or Ed and Emily. He called their entire family. The Hartman’s believe it to be a privilege to serve together, even and especially when the service is simply moral support. Here’s a small picture of the family and what they like to do.

Ed is the team leader, a pastor, a dad, a husband--not necessarily in that order. He is the shepherd of the MTW team working here in Romania and the keeper of its vision. He is a mentor for several Romanian pastors and a trainer of leaders in the church.

Emily is a wife and a mom, in that order. She also spends time with Romanian women in Bible studies, in the kitchen, and in the community.

Michael is a sophomore at Belhaven College in Jackson, MS. He runs on the college cross country team, is enrolled in the Air Force ROTC, enjoys Ultimate Frisbee, and misses his family dearly. If you can, please let him know we are praying for he and his family.

Katy is a senior at Kingstone Academy in Codlea, Romania. She still loves horses and playing the piano. This year she’s pursuing voice lessons, as well. Her plan is to attend university next year somewhere near her brother and major in something to do with international studies.

Abigail is a freshman at Kingstone Academy. She is taking piano and art lessons, but her real passion is cooking! She enjoys sewing and making anything creative. When Abi’s not making something, she’s most often reading something.

Daniel is a freshman at Kingstone Academy. He plays on a football club (soccer team) in Codlea and takes guitar lessons. He often leads in worship for their team on Sunday night studies. Daniel loves to do pretty much anything as long as he’s with somebody else.

This is their family! Thank you First Presbyterian for keeping these missionaries in your prayers.

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