Sunday, December 28, 2008

Market Day of the Soul

Lessons from the Visitation: Elizabeth's Humility

This morning, we will be looking at Luke 1:39-45, a passage that records Mary's meeting with Elizabeth after the angel's announcement to Mary and in the sixth month of Elizabeth's expectancy. This initial encounter in what was probably about a three month stay has been called "The Visitation." One of the outstanding features of it is Elizabeth's humility. Geldenhuys has a beautiful description of it in his commentary.

"Elisabeth nobly and voluntarily placed herself in the background and acknowledged unreservedly and joyfully that her younger relative had received infinitely more honour than she. The gift of God to herself she accepted in grateful worship. But when she meets Mary, to whom a still greater gift has been given, she does not become jealous or unsympathetic. She humbles herself and sings to the honour of the all-excelling privileged one among women who is to become the Mother of her Lord. Because she is filled with the Holy Ghost, she was capable of such special maganimity. Whilst jealousy would have darkened her life, her humble attitude opened for her the gates to true, deep and jubilant joy. He who elevates himself is constantly engaged in wrecking his own life. But he who is sincerely humble finds richness of life and happiness."

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