Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Books for Christmas

It's that time again and you're wondering what to give as a Christmas present. The answer is: a good Christian book! First, I want to recommend some books for young children written by Sinclair Ferguson.

These two volumes of Bible Truths for Children, written by Sinclair Ferguson, are about the best thing you could give a child. Come to think of it, it would be the best thing to give yourself! Reading these to little children would be so much fun and I for one can't wait for my grandchildren (well, number two is due next week!)to grow up a little so that I can read these to them. Doug tells me there are some in stock in the church bookstore.

Then, once you have bought these two books for the children or grandchildren, think about this one for the teenager in your life (I mean, the forty-something husband who thinks he's a teenager):

Right! You're not expecting me to recommend a book about blues music! True, it isn't Wagner, but Steve is a dear friend and this book is wonderfully absorbing and provides a fresh perspective on the influence of the gospel on this music, much of it stemming form Mississippi! I've read it and thoroughly recommend it.

On the more serious side, 2009 promises to be a year full of all things Calvin (he's 500 years old next year!). Why not join us at reformation21.org as we blog our way through one of the most important theological texts ever written, The Institutes of the Christian Religion.

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