Wednesday, May 03, 2006

To Da Vinci or not to Da Vinci?

Gene Veith over at World Magazine is asking for your opinion: "Boycott or Buy Tickets"? What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I refused to see The Passion of the Christ because of comments friends who had seen it made. It was way to bloody and goury for me. After several months I decided I had been right to not see it, not even the VHS (DVD's not as common then) version, and I am still glad I sheltered my brain from that deluge.

I would choose the same here...wait and listen to comments, then decide. I just am not interested in being "in" and all the added discussions on Jesus and the Bible are filled without my wasting my time and money. I have already seen TV newshours on this subject. What more can one want.

Anonymous said...

"It was way to bloody and goury for me. . . . I am still glad I sheltered my brain from that deluge."

It was way too bloody? The only begotten Son of the Living God, the Sovereign Ruler of the universe, who will judge the living and the dead, was nailed naked to a cross and bore the righteous wrath of God for your sins and you are glad you sheltered your brain from it?

To reply to your post I am not going to go see it. Christians should know enough about the Bible to refute whatever error the film exists to propagate. And I doubt I will find it entertaining.

Anonymous said...

To Keith, from " I refused..."

Yes, I am glad I sheltered my brain from unnecessary gore and extreme bloodshed. That is an X rating to many people and we are constantly trying to get TV to stop the constant barrage of such things. I do not watch CSI either.

I will be listening and reading to debates that this movie
creates, however.

Bradford Mercer said...
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Bradford Mercer said...


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