Saturday, May 13, 2006

Calvin on our tendency to stealing

"Then we see that there are to be found thieves of all degrees. There is not a man who is not striving to grab for himself; I refer to those who have not been reformed by the Spirit of God. Although a merchant may be accounted a man of good skill, yet he will still have a store of tricks and wiles, and they will be like nets laid for the simple and such as are without experience, who do not perceive them. The case is the same for those who follow the mechanical arts, for they have the skill to counterfeit their works in such a way that men shall be deceived by them. Again, with regard to prices, there is no trusting the sellers. It is all the same to them, as long as they sell their wares, for they think that anything is lawful for them. Of workers on the land the same holds good. In short, there is no class of men in which there are not infinite faults and extortions to be seen, for every man wishes to get the upper hand and make himself stronger than the rest." (John Calvin)

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