Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Postcard from 'The Windy City'

Yes, this is the view from the hotel bedroom in Chicago!

I'm here on a "study leave"!



I spent seven hours locked away in the Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids (I'm an adjunct faculty member) in their Puritan Library this morning. We got delayed getting in (thunder in Chicago) and the three hour drive to Grand Rapids meant that we didn't get there until 2 am. I was due at the library at six!

But it was like being a little kid at Christmas: so many rare volumes, and I gathered some materials for my paper I am to give next month. I also met a kind PhD student eager to beaver away for me and a CD of rare things is heading my way tomorrow!

But now its relaxation time. I see Daniel Barenboim is conducting Mahler's fifth tonight! And Rosemary has Cubs on the brain and tickets in hand. Guess I'll have to bring a volume of Owen and Goodwin along to the game to keep me from falling asleep!



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