Friday, May 26, 2006

RTS: No City Left Behind

I jest with the title, a little!

I'm just back from our bi-annual RTS retreat in Simpsonwood, Atlanta.

Every two years, the entire faculty from Jackson, Charlotte, and Orlando together staff and administrators from Boca Raton, Washington and Atlanta meet up for a few days. It's a laid back affair, with fellowship uppermost on the agenda. We all belong to the same institution, sharing the same vision for theological education and training of pastors and teachers and counselors but rarely meet up with each other. (I have never been, for example, on the campus of Orlando!). These times are therefore precious. This year saw the official announcement of two new RTS campuses (Atlanta and Washington) with the intention of hiring faculty at both locations as soon as possible. Atlanta now boasts over 5 million people!

These are exciting days and the Lord's hand is evident in the many answers to prayer. Please keep praying for our faithfulness as we continue to seek ways to serve Him and spread the Reformed faith to the end of the earth.

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