Sunday, May 07, 2006

New Series for Sunday Evenings


"To The End of The Earth"

An examination of the history of the early church addresses more than one issue. In the first place, it anchors the church in its roots. In an age where history and tradition are given fleeting attention, or dispensed with altogether, knowing our history seems important. The church did not simply spring into being from thin air! Then again, if postmodernity disparages history, its advocacy of pluralism also finds the insistence of the early church on one way and only one way offensive.
Luke begins ACTS with what looks like a boring historian's pedantry to detail, but unless our faith is grounded in history, we are merely fooling ourselves.

Tonight we begin a journey.

Think of it as a road trip: from Jerusalem to the great city of Rome.

Fasten your seat-belts; ensure that your tray tables are firmly secured in their locked position; and bring your seat backs to the forward position.
We're in for a bumpy ride.

1. Gazing Into Heaven
Acts 1:1-11

2. Then They Were Twelve Again
Acts 1:12-26

3. Pentecostal Fire!
Acts 2:1-13

4. The "This is That" Sermon!
Acts 2:14-41

5. See, How They Love One Another!
Acts 2:42-47

6. Jumping for Joy
Acts 3:1-10

7. A New Testament Sermon on an Old Testament Text
Acts 3:11-26


jazzycat said...

Will (Pentecostal Fire!) in sermon 3 include explanation of regeneration in O.T. as compared to regeneration in N.T?

There are a lot of views on this among non-calvinst bloggers and I would like to hear more on it from the reformed perspective.


Derek Thomas said...

Probably not quite as you have it here, but we do ahve to asnwer the question, "In what way does the Holy Spirit operate differently on the other side of Pentecost?" As they say on the best labels, if you are not completely satisified... get back to me.