Saturday, September 03, 2005

Sunday Worship at First - Outdoors at 8:30 AM

Well, there is still no power in large parts of the church, but we will gather to worship anyway. This Sunday morning I'll lead a worship service on the church playground, next to the pavillion at 8:30 AM. We'll sing the Word, pray the Word, read the Word and preach the Word. I recognize that many of you do not have sufficient gas in your autos to get here (and have no way of acquiring any), that traffic lights are still out in your neighborhoods, that you do not have power in your homes, and that others of you would have a hard time climbing the steps up to the pavillion - so if coming presents a problem, please take all care for your personal safety.

However, we are a church family, and Sunday is the Lord's Day, and Katrina or not, he is more glorious and important than anything in the world. So we will gather to declare that, and to praise him for his grace to us, in Jesus Christ.

We will have some chairs available, but some of us may need to stand. The temperature should be cool (in the 70s) at that time in the morning, and the playground should be dry other than the morning dew. Dress casually. Spread the Word. Use our parking lots. Earl will open the gates to the playground.


Anonymous said...

Ligon, if you know of someone who needs a ride in the morning from NE Jackson to FPC, ask them to call me. Lee Bowie 601-981-2233

Anonymous said...

Greetings to everyone in FPC Jackson from the East Coast of Suffolk, England. My name is Jim sayers, and I was studying at Free Church College Edinburgh in Ligon's PhD days. Ligon, You may remember visiting our starter home and chatting at various times. My wife Helen and I also come from a great vintage - we were Aberystwyth students and owe as much to Geoff Thomas as Derek Thomas does.

We are glad to hear you are all alive. We know about hurricane damage in Suffolk - we lost a forest and several church buildings in 1987, and hundreds of people died here in the storm surge of 1951. Coastal defences are a big issue here, as is global warming!

All of us at Kesgrave Baptist Church (where I've been pastor for 10 years) send you our greetings and we will be praying for you and all those further south.

We pray that the next few weeks prove to be a defining time in demonstrating the love of Christ to so many in need.

Yours in Christ

Jim Sayers