Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sunday's Coming

Dearest friends, I wanted to give you an update on FPCJ and the activities of the week to come. The church offices are closed probably until at least Tuesday, September 6. We've got a skeleton crew (Earl, me, Marie, Missye Rhee, Billy, Brister, Jimmi and a few others) keeping a few minimal necessities going here in the office.

The church picnic is cancelled for Monday at Twin Lakes. Twin Lakes is without power and sustained some damages. The staff is safe, thankfully.

Because of Katrina's damage to area electrical lines, at the 1390 North State Street campus, we have minimal electricity for lights, very limited air conditioning, and the city water supply is currently unsafe to drink. Power is on in only part of the office area. The internet system is down (though you can still access the website). But we have no power in Westminster Hall, Lowe Hall, the Study Center, etc.

A decision will be made Saturday morning regarding Lord's Day worship services. A critical factor in that decision will be whether light and air conditioning can be restored to the temporary sanctuary (gym).

At present, plans are to use internet, radio and television to notify the city at large in the event that services must be cancelled. I am tempted to hold outdoor services in the Day School playground, early Sunday morning, in the event that we can't meet inside. But I'll let you know.

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