Monday, September 05, 2005

Ora et Labora (Pray and Work)

I asked many friends around the US and World to pray for us, here at First Presbyterian Church, specifically, (1) that we as a congregation would care for others more than for ourselves, (2) that we would bear good witness to Christ in word and life, (3) that we would be able to contact and help evangelical churches on the coast and South of I-20, (4) that we would get power back at the church, and (5) that the ministers would be able to get fuel for our autos so that we can do visitation and be of more help during this hard time.

I am struck today at how the Lord has answered all those prayers. First, daily I am learning about how various members are taking a lead in the relief operations here and on the coast. It causes my heart to rejoice every time I hear of it. Keep on in love and good deeds. Second, in connection with the first, the strong attendance at public worship yesterday coupled with the way families are taking in those who have been displaced, are surely good witness to the glory and grace of God, in Christ. Third, I have been able to make significant contact with PCA ministers south of I-20, plus there will be important efforts this week to coordinate our relief work with other area evangelical churches and leaders. Fourth, the power came back on at First Presbyterian Church on Saturday evening. We hope to be able to resume a reasonably normal schedule of activities. Fifth, a church member enabled our ministers to get fuel for their cars that should last us to the end of this week. God is good. Keep praying.

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