Sunday, September 11, 2005

First Presbyterian (PCA) Gulfport, MS

Pictures courtesy of Phillip Parker


Anonymous said...

I remember worshipping in the First Presbyterian Church of Gulfport, Mississippi on Easter Sunday, April 7, 1985. It was one of two churches that sat out on Gulf Coast harbor. It faced south and its front door opened right out onto the costal highway that ran along the beach and right across the street to the east sat the larger First Baptist Church building. Both church buildings were beautifully illuminated at night with spotlights and served as impressive gate posts to the downtown area of Gulfport. During walk along the beach on Saturday Evening had seen a wedding party leaving church, so decided to visit on Easter morning. Was greeted by stunningly gorgeous bouquet of magnolia leaves and blooms along with elaborate candelabra (both left from wedding the previous evening), which filled the large space underneath the raised pulpit. In leading the service the pastor, Dr. Richard L. Summers, walked up into and out of the pulpit by way stair cases on each side. Being from out of town I didn't know what time church started, but got a little help listening to radio in hotel room that morning when announcer on local station WAIZ said something to the effect, "Coming up at 11:00 o'clock we join First Presbyterian Church for the live broadcast of their service."

Unknown said...

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