Saturday, September 03, 2005

David Wells "No Place for Truth

Over on the Reformation21 blog, I have been posting summaries of David F. Wells incredibly important book No Place for Truth. When I first came to First Pres. a number of the newly elected elders bravely read through it with me. More recently, my Thursday morning small group has read through it (along with two others of David's books). The guys in the small group are actually producing their own outlines and notes for the book. Here are mine. The links will take you to the Reformation21 site.

No Place for Truth - Overview
Chapter 1: A Delicious Paradise Lost
Chapter 2: World Cliche Culture
Chapter 3: Things Fall Apart
Chapter 4: Self-Piety
Chapter 5: The Rise of Everyperson
Chapter 6: The New Disablers
Chapter 7: The Habits of God
Chapter 8: The Reform of Evangelicalism

It is a very challenging book, and even these summaries can be a little dense. But it is also a very important book for evangelical Christians -- to help us understand what has happened to us over the last hundred years, and why, and what is going on in our culture, and how we need to respond.

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