Sunday, September 04, 2005

Salvation Army - Immediate Needs for Local Relief

Lesley Davis sent me the following from Sylvia Powell at the Salvation Army, today.

The Salvation Army indicates the following items are immediate needs for those displaced and impacted by Katrina. If you have them or can get them, please take them to the Presto Lane location and drop them off.

They prefer that, as people donate at the Presto Lane location, you choose one or two items and bring those particular items in bulk or "palletized" (like from Sam's or WalMart). That way, the Salvation Armystaff are not sorting through grocery bags, and can instead, actually deliver the items to the people who need them. (However, the Salvation Army will not turn away any donation, even if it is unsorted.) Here is what they need (* = especially needed items)-

All types of water, juices, microwavable foods, canned goods and non-perishable items, specifically: Razors (Men & Women); Shaving Cream; Shampoo; Conditioner; Soap; Toliet Tissue; Kleenex; Paper Towels; Paper Plates; Paper Cups; Deodarant (Men & Women); Toothpaste; Mouth Wash; Tooth Brushes; Can Openers*; Pillows*; Blankets; Contact Solutions; Panties of all sizes (Plus sizes as well); Bras of all sizes; Socks of all sizes; Baby items*; Baby Food; Diaper rash ointments; Disposable Diapers; Baby Wipes; Baby Shoes; Underwear of all sizes; Hair products for African American/Caucasian/etc; Tampons *; Pads*; Depends; Dog Food; Cat Food; Sippy Cups*; Baby bottles*; Baby Clothes of all sizes*; Pacifier; Wash Cloths; Towels; Washing Powders; Bleach; Softner; Dishwashing Powder; Shoes of all sizes; House shoes; Bath robes; T-Shirts (Men); Pants ( Men and Women); Hand Sanitizers; Lotions; Combs; Brushes; First Aid Kits; Children's Tylenol; Tylenol; Asprin; Advil; Tums; Laxatives; Preparation H; Chapstick; Facial Products (cleanser, toner, moisturizer); All Femine Hygiene Products; Q-Tips & Cottonballs; Eye Drops; Hot Curlers; Hair Dryers; Sun Screen; Band-Aids; First Aid Ointment; Denture Cream; Batteries of all sizes; Flashlights; Finger nail Kits; Books; Games - basically, since these folks have lost everything, they are starting over and need everything from scratch.

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Anonymous said...

I am truly heartened to learn that there was, in fact, a worship service on Sunday morning--(everyone at choir practice last night except me seemed to know about it!!...)

I am also heartbroken that I missed it!!!!
I was greeted by a ghost town on Sunday morning--empty street, empty parking lot, empty building!!!!
Am I the only dunce who showed up at the regular worship time????

--it was actually a little frightening, having been without power or phones all week, I didn't know what was happening.

Even with no power or phones, the trusted mail service ran all week.
Maybe next time (heaven forbid) post cards could be sent out---
I could have helped address the cards--
Oh well, hind sight is always 50/50-- or is that 20/20????!!!

I know it was a special service, and I am sorry I missed you all...
Katherine Tate