Sunday, September 04, 2005

Report on Sunday Morning Worship

I don't normally post on the Lord's Day, but today I'll make an exception, in order to offer encouragement and to help the congregation in deeds of mercy. Watch the upcoming entries for information on how you can help those who have lost so much in Katrina. We have also received notes of encouragement from pastors and congregations around the country and world - and I want to tell you about them.

But first, I want the members of our congregation, and its friends, who were not able to be with us this morning for public worship, to know what a blessing it was to meet and praise our God, outside on the pavillion and playground.

I don't know how many were there (500-600?), though I know we printed out 450 hymn-sheets and handed them all out and people were still having to look on, but it was so good for my soul to be there with you, and I trust it was an encouragement to you as well. Thank you all so much for coming (in spite of the tenuous situation with area fuel supply, power outages, etc.).

We sang the Doxology, Watt's rendition of Psalm 90 ("Our God, Our Help in Ages Past"), the Gloria Patri, Great Is Thy Faithfulness and Jesus, What a Friend for Sinners. We confessed our faith using the Apostles' Creed. We prayed. We heard God's word read from Job 1. And we heard his Word proclaimed. We'll post the service and sermon at some point. And then, after the benediction, you stayed and fellowshipped and talked. What a joy it was for the Lord's House to meet (even with no house to meet in!) and give praise to God.

Around 30 or so of our members out in Brandon also met this morning, at Earl Davis' home, and Jim Baird (our beloved former minister) led them in a service. And tonight Jim and Sue Watts are hosting a neighborhood vesper service at 6:30 at 1757 Hillview Drive, on their front lawn.

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