Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Report on PCA churches in Greater Hattiesburg, MS

Amy Marquez, an Administrative Assistant here at First Jackson, called the following PCA pastors/churches in the Hattiesburg/Petal area today to get a report on their status. Here is who she called and what she found out.

Bay Street Presbyterian – 601-582-1584
Rev. Brian H. Davis

Not much damage
Lost some of roof
Water damage
Minor repairs needed, roof repair
Manse lost shingles and broken window
Members are safe – some home damage, but insured
Do have power and water
Manse has no power
Primarily working with those in Hattiesburg who need help
Church will recover from physical problems

FPC Hattiesburg – 601-268-0303
Asst. Minister Norman Bagby – 601-606-0690

Haynes (MNA disaster team) coming tomorrow – Hattiesburg will be their base of operations
Lost shingles, some water damage in sanctuary and fellowship hall
Did pretty well
Have power and water
Will work with MNA disaster team with member need
Sr. citizens -- 2 members with immediate needs – everyone else did pretty well
Need to talk with Dr. Silman, Sr. Minister (was out)

Woodland Presbyterian – 601-264-2538
Got answering machine at church.
Called Ralph Davis at home – 601-296-7710

Can’t say much right now
Hasn’t been able to get in touch with many members because of phone problems
Widows are accounted for
No needs that he can tell right now
Most people just cleaning up right now
His hunch is that it will be a week before they know much about needs of congregation (insurance and such)
Hattiesburg hard hit, but not as bad as other places – relatively, they are in good shape
Sanctuary came though unscathed
PCS came through pretty well
Trees in playground were leveled
Buildings in ok shape
School and church have power
Tree people have been contacted to help at PCS elementary
PCS High has repair costs – water damage
Giving me number of PCS Elementary/Scott Griffith (601-268-3867)

Presbyterian Christian School – 601-268-3867
Scott Griffith
Got answering machine

Petal Presbyterian – 601-582-4772
Rev. Kenneth E. Ribelin
Got answering machine at church
Pastor called me back (he is also pastor at New Augusta Presbyterian)

No one seriously hurt
Petal church had some roof damage
New Augusta lost some roofing, some water in it
Compared to other places, both are fine
Most of both congregations are fine, but hasn’t been able to get in touch with some
Many people left town

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Allen and Sandi Smith said...

Thanks for checking with the sister churches in Grace Presbytery. Go to my blog (http://allenandsandi.blogspot.com) to see the wind damage at Ellisville Presbyterian Church (just north of Hattiesburg and south of Laruel).

Allen Smith
Interium Pastor of Ellisville Presbyterian Church
Missionary to north Peru