Thursday, September 01, 2005

Derek's New Hymn

Our own Derek Thomas has written a hymn text that has been set to music by Paul S. Jones. This would be a good one to study, sing and meditate upon in these days in the wake of Katrina.


Anonymous said...

Internet rallies for storm relief
Worried relatives have turned to the web in their desperate search for friends and relatives missing in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
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pastorshaun said...

Wonderful tune and text! Very appropriate. Where are copies available?

Know we are praying for you and the other churches that have been affected by Katrina. Let us know if there are ways we can specifically help beyond giving to MNA and MTW.

Anonymous said...

Lig and Derek, thanks for the hymn of praise! Does Derek have more of these, and where can I find them? Lots of churches out there looking for new hymns, especially in this time of crisis. Bless the Lord and give Him the glory!