Sunday, November 16, 2008

Grace under Fire

Pray for Ron Gleason and Grace PCA,
Yorba Linda, California
Continue to pray for all Californians in harm's way, but especially our brothers and sisters in Christ, and even more so, our sister PCA congregations, in the face of the raging wildfires. Here is a good report from Ron Gleason at Grace PCA in Orange County, California.

Sunday Morning, 10:15 Pacific
It is with great praise that I have heard from a number of sources that Grace Presbyterian Church was not damaged during the fires! He watched over us and some from outside our congregation and within it were able to check it out for us. This morning, Bill Selvig managed to get to the church and there is no damage at all even though there is damage all around. Jim Cossin was able to check it out during the fire and Erin Reeves’ brother is a firefighter, who was stationed in front of Grace during the fires. Praise be to our sovereign Lord that everything is fine.

Saturday Night, 11:15 Pacific
We have been forced to cancel our worship service for tomorrow due to the fires. They have been surrounding the church building most of the day and the entire area has been evacuated. I was informed by Brea police department and the Orange County Fire Authority that no one will be able to get near our area until tomorrow afternoon. This is the closest the fires have ever come to us and there has been extensive damage. Over 60 homes in Yorba Linda burned and the fires are 0% contained in the area of the church right now. Tens of thousands have had to evacuate. This will be an opportunity for the Deacons to do some real “hands on” work in the congregation and in the community. The congregation has been wonderful in offering homes, shelter, and food to those in need. Please keep us in prayer as I hope to return to the church tomorrow to see if there is any damage.

Saturday Afternoon, 3:15 Pacific
For the last 2 days we have had strong winds and high heat (92-95). Last night a fire started or was started in Corona. Right now it appears that one young family has lost their home and the winds are still high and driving the fires in our direction. There is very little the firefighters can do except attempt to contain as much as their can, but the winds the way they are, the fire easily jumps fire breaks and interstates. Please pray for the safety of the homes near us and that we’ll be able to hold worship services tomorrow because the fires are getting closer to Grace.

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