Wednesday, November 26, 2008

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What is means to "Love One Another" in the Context of the Local Church

My good friend Rick Phillips offers 13 ways we can "Love One Another" in the local congregation. Here.

May I suggest some evidences of Christ’s love among us?

1. No one is on the “outside”– we are an “inclusive” not a exclusive body – we purposefully look around for those who are not fully engrafted into our body life.

2. New members are enfolded – when our Lord brings new members, we go out of our way to welcome them and include them. This often is initiated by inviting the new members to your house for a meal or a get-together or including them in a ministry.

3. The old visited and included – we spend time with the “shut-ins” and write them notes or call them on the phone. We offer to pick them up for church or special events and have them over to our homes for meals.

4. The young are discipled and trained – the “older” members (20 years old and up!!) make opportunities for our young adults and pre-teens to be included in activities, ministries, and fellowship times.

5. Old friendships are deepened – we deepen our trust in one another through faithfulness, longsuffering, and consistent prayer.

6. New friendships are established – we reach outside our comfort zone to make new friends.

7. Extreme needs are met – we rise, by God’s grace, to meet the needs.

8. There are no “cliques” – though we have our friendships within the church, we constantly broaden our relationships.

9. Friendships are made that span the generations and social boundaries.

10. Bearing one another’s burdens– when one is weak or needy, others rally to help in physical, financial, spiritual, and emotional ways.

11. Self-sacrificing love for one another is evident.

12. Enjoying and celebrating one another’s victories, accomplishments, and accolades.

13. We pray for each other’s opportunities and trials, and joys and sorrows.

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