Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sunday's Coming!

Preparing for the Lord's Day

Some of you are familiar with John Blanchard's wonderful book, Gathered Gold. I have collected some quotations from that tome on the subject of the Lord's Day, for your edification and preparation.

"Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week." Joseph Addison

"Sunday is the summer of the week." Anon.

"See that the Lord’s day be spent in holy preparation for eternity." Richard Baxter

"I never knew one man or woman who steadily avoided the house of prayer and public worship on the Lord’s day, who did not come to grief, and bring other people to grief." Henry Whitney Bellows

"The sabbath is God’s special present to the working man, and one of its chief objects is to prolong his life, and preserve efficient his working tone. The savings bank of human existence is the weekly sabbath." William G. Blaikie

"Profaning of the Lord’s Sabbath is as great an argument of a profane heart as any that can be found in the whole book of God." Thomas Brooks

"Make the Lord’s day the market for thy soul." John Bunyan

"Sunday should strike the keynote for the week." J. Wilbur Chapman

"The sabbath is not only a blessing and privilege for those who keep it. In an increasingly despairing and restless world, its observance is a sign and witness of the hope God‘s people have." Richard B. Gaffin

It would be as difficult to take an inventory of the benefits the world receives from the sunshine as to enumerate the blessings we derive from the Christian sabbath." Hervey Doddridge Ganse

"A well-spent sabbath we feel to be a day of heaven upon earth ... we love to rise early on that morning, and to sit up late, that we may have a long day with God." Robert Murray M’Cheyne

"I never knew a man escape failures in either mind or body who worked seven days a week." Robert Peel

"Common sense, reason, conscience, will combine, I think, to say that if we cannot spare God one day in a week we cannot be living as those ought to live who must die one day." J. C. Ryle

"If you want to kill Christianity you must abolish Sunday." Voltaire

"Oh, what a blessing is Sunday, interposed between the waves of worldly business like the divine path of the Israelites through Jordan! There is nothing in which I would advise you to be more strictly conscientious than in keeping the sabbath day holy." William Wilberforce

"He that would prepare for heaven must honour the sabbath upon earth." Daniel Wilson

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