Thursday, November 09, 2006


Busy day! But I have had some time to catch the, no, nothing about the elections: I don't have a vote, after all. I'm just a "legal" alien, you understand. It's Britney I've been reading about.

I've never been a fan of Britney Spears. To be honest, I doubt I'd recognize a single song of hers. And as for Kevin Federline, my immediate response is to ask, "Fed who?" I'm not that interested in the lives of the rich and famous. But millions are interested and the news has been headlining with their impending divorce after only two years. Her first marriage lasted only 55 hours! It is a said commentary on our times that teenage girls (and boys!) see her as role model. The fact that two children and involved makes it even sadder.

"Britneyfication" -- Collins English Dictionary includes the word giving it the meaning, "Girls who aim to look like pop princess Britney Spears" -- is with us for a while, I venture to guess. Her appearance on Letterman this week was a sign of things to come (and no, I didn't see that either). The London Times reported it fully, adding that she had a "shorter haircut and wore an eye-poppingly short mini-dress that showed off her new svelte figure."

Did you know that Revolve is a New Testament for teenage girls designed to resemble a fashion magazine, packaging the Bible as a fashion magazine, with sidebars on fashion and romance? Surely, a case of the medium obliterating the message!

Must go... I hear Britney is releasing a new CD. Must check it out!


Anonymous said...


I've listened to all of your talks from the "Siouxland Reformation Conference". Thanks for your labor through the allergies!

I need to listen to them again. Just curious if you have a bibliography for your talk on the NPP. Also, for your talk on Calvin and Prayer.

Also, not sure about Britney Spears:), but do you have a specific recommendation on a recording of Bach's St. Matthew and John Passion [I think that's the title]? If you have the recording label and ensemble that'd be great. I'm trying to expand my listening!

In Christ

pilgrim said...

It's hardly news when celebrity marriages break up.
It's hardly news when celebrities "Re-invent" themselves.

But they are famous and people want to know.

But I don't get it, and even when it involves celebrities whose work I enjoy, I still tend to give a big yawn.

Still mentioning Britney Spears may increase your hits from google.

I enjoy the blog, thanks.

Derek Thomas said...

Noah, thanks for the comment. Allergies were bad! As for bibligraphies, I'll try sending you a file later in the day to your e-mail. As fo Bach:

St John: Bach Collegium Japan/Suzuki (yes, really! this is the best one!); and St. Matthew: the one by Harnoncourt.


Anonymous said...

just realized my email is wrong on my profile...

It is actually

Thanks brother!

In Christ

Anonymous said...

oops...wrong again...