Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sister Churches

I have been at our sister congregation, Trinity Presbyterian Church in Montgomery, Alabama this past weekend speaking a their annual Fall Bible Conference. [I took this photograph yesterday]. The senior minister is the son of one of our elders, Claude E. McRoberts III. Two of the ministry staff are former class mates of mine from RTS, graduating in the same year as myself, and the another is the son of a class mate who also graduated in the same year!

Trinity Presbyterian Church was organized as Central Presbyterian Church in July 1891. It was located at that time at Lawrence and Washington Streets in downtown Montgomery. In 1909, Central Church moved from its downtown location to the present site at Hull Street and Felder Avenue. The sanctuary was dedicated in March 1913.

Like ourseves, Trinity is about to embark on a building program costing an estimated $15 million adding a substantial new building for office and Sunday School space.

It's been a very enjoyale time.

Oh, does anyone know who a former staff member known as "Reverend Red" is? I've heard some stories!

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