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Gleanings from the Pastor's Perspective: "Family Talks"

The Pastor’s Perspective

Vol. 33 Num. 5

“Family Talks”

First Published: February 3, 2000

I cannot believe that January is already gone. For months we were anticipating the coming of the new year, with all the attendant Y2K hoopla, and now the first month has already passed. “Tempus fugit,” as our Latin teachers used to quip.

I was in Memphis, Tennessee two Sundays ago (the weekend of the 23rd) for the Fifth Annual Christian Life Conference at Second Presbyterian Church. Anne and I had accepted the invitation to the conference over a year ago, and were looking forward to a few days away together and time with one of her former professors, David F. Wells. The weekend was close to the date of our eighth wedding anniversary (January 25), so I thought we could mingle business and pleasure. Much to our surprise and delight, however, last June we discovered that we were expecting (about the time of the conference!), and Anne, being now great with child, was unable to attend. So, I drove up on Friday morning just in time to speak at a Pastor’s luncheon and drove home on Sunday night, after the evening service, and wore my pager the whole time (except during the Sunday worship services!).

The time there was most encouraging. Second is a remarkable church and our friend Sandy Willson, their Senior Minister, is not only doing an excellent job, he is very much loved by his people. David Wells’ addresses were superb. It was good to meet so many relatives and friends of our congregation. As always, though, it is good to be home again at First. Every time I am away (and I try carefully to select and limit those times), I appreciate you more. My thanks to Derek Thomas for filling the pulpit so ably in my absence.

We have all enjoyed Glen Knecht’s teaching and preaching over the last week. We are thankful that we were able to have the meetings at all, given the weather. It’s the first time that Donna Dobbs has ever prayed against snow!

Glen’s talks for our family conference were well-received, his messages at the Mid-South Men’s Rally were strong, and his sermons on Sunday were challenging and timely. Many things stand out in my mind, reflecting on Glen’s messages.

His point, shared with husbands and wives on Thursday evening about “clarification” was a most helpful piece of sanctified common sense learned through years of study and experience. You’ll have to listen to the tape if you missed the meeting!

Glen’s second and third sermons at the Men’s Rally were especially meaningful to me. And his Sunday morning message was encouraging and stimulating. His call for us to long to draw near to God has stuck with me over these last several days, and his remarks about humility being derived from a high view of God (rather than an improper view of self) are worth further contemplation. I was also struck by his suggestion that the most important way we can impact our society and culture was to cultivate and experience the presence of God in the church.

Remember the Missions Conference is set to begin on Sunday, February 13. Mark the various activities on your family calendar, make plans to attend, and pray for God’s blessing on the conference. Meanwhile, this Lord’s Day we continue our study of the cross in the morning, and we conclude our study of the life of Jacob in the evening.

Your friend,

Ligon Duncan

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