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Gleanings from the Pastor's Perspective: Reflecting on 3 years. . .while in Peru

The Pastor’s Perspective
Vol. 32 Num. 27
“Reflecting on 3 years. . .while in Peru”
First Published: August 12, 1999

I cannot thank you all enough for allowing me the privilege of working on our summer missions project in Peru. I missed you while I was away. It was poignant to spend my third anniversary of ministry at First Presbyterian (August 1) preaching in two small Presbyterian churches in Cajamarca, Peru. But what a blessing.

Alonzo Ramirez has a huge vision for Peru. He is committed to an aggressive plan of church planting, evangelism, discipleship, church revitalization, seminary education, campus ministry and societal witness. His work ethic is prodigious. I have dubbed him “the Latin Patton.” The Third Army never moved so much, so far, so fast!

Alonzo is one of those rare individuals who comes along only once in a generation or so. He is brilliant, well-educated, upright, godly, and humble. Soon after we left Peru, Alonzo left to minister in the Amazon jungle region of Peru. The journey took him 30 hours by bus. He went because many of the other ministers thought that working with those exceedingly poor and uneducated people was beneath them. They wouldn’t go. But Alonzo did! Here he is, the leading churchman among the Presbyterians of Peru, humbly serving the people of the undeveloped Amazon region.

I am so thankful that we are supporting this important ministry. It is worth every penny we give it. And more. Bill and Allen Bradford are a great encouragement to Alonzo, and their Spanish is very good. We are proud of them.

On Monday, August 2, I lectured to High School students at the Isaac Newton School in Cajamarca. I did an overview of U.S. History, stressing the historic importance of the influence of Christianity in our society. There were many good questions and ties were strengthened that our Peru mission can capitalize on.

I think that many of us would have our eyes opened were we to see this land of Peru. We would have to re-evaluate our use or our prosperity. We would be shaken from our complacency about the enormous temporal blessings the Lord has given us and would be convicted of our ingratitude. Perhaps we would be moved by the needs of the church here, and would become permanent champions of the ministry.

I hope you will make a point to talk to the members of this large summer missions team, and learn more about their experience. Perhaps you will go next year]? May our gracious God prosper the work of this ministry and use it to win many to Christ and employ it to build up a firm witness to the truth and cause it to encourage and strengthen the saints.

Your friend,

Ligon Duncan

Editorial Note: FPC Peru Mission 2010 is June 26-July 4, contact Ruling Elder D. Story at

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