Thursday, February 05, 2009

Tom Elkin's Talk at MOC

Ligon's Notes

Tom Elkin's message at Men of the Covenant today was superb.

Here's the outline.

Tom summed up three key points of Christian theology in these three phrases:
(1) the sovereignty of God
(2) the sinfulness of man
(3) the substitution of Christ

He then noted that these are all based on and derived from Scripture, and so, when we have a low view of Scripture, the embrace of these truths can disappear.

He argued that your view of Scripture underpins your view of the world and your theology, and challenged us to take six steps to make sure that the Bible is the final rule of your faith and practice and the source of your world and life view.

1. Hear the Word of God

2. Read the Word of God

3. Study the Word of God

4. Memorize the Word of God

5. Do the Word of God

6. Teach the Word of God

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