Thursday, February 19, 2009

Missions Conference Update

The Missions Conference got off to a fantastic beginning yesterday. During the Wednesday evening program, we had the privilege of hearing from our missionaries in a interview format. Some of the exciting news we learned last night:
1) The FPC Missions Conference is an excellent place to bring a date.
2) The work in Ukraine has come full circle, from the beginnings of evangelism to the establishment of churches, a denomination, and a seminary.
3) The Lord is blessing RUF at Jackson State where their large group includes as many as 90 students!
4) The translation work done through Wycliffe in the Philippines is nearing completion.
5) Efforts in Portland, OR have progressed from a small group meeting for dinner to recently receiving 39 members into a mission-status church.
6) The Lord has been gracious in sending outstanding people to work with Peru Mission, and churches are being planted there.
7) The Lord is blessing Gospel efforts in Mexico in magnificent ways.
(8) Palmer Home is doing tremendous work with needy children and orphans who need the love of Christ demonstrated in tangible ways.

And Mike Campbell challenged us to be Spirit-enabled ambassadors of Christ, and by relying upon His strength, to take risks in support of a Kingdom that is beyond our human expectations.

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