Thursday, August 03, 2006

Grandparenting at a distance

I was speaking at the Cedar Falls Bible Conference in Iowa (no, it's not heaven!) along with Mike Horton and Jerry Bridges when the announcement came via text message: "It's a girl". My first grandchild: "Hannah May." I had placed my Treo on the podium above my Bible and was able to announce to the folks the good news. They applauded! Now, I'm discovering new resources:

Like this one, at the Christianity Today website on the gift of grandparenting!

And this one, on grandparenting at a distance! This one sounds so much fun!

It opens up a whole new world! If I had known it was going to be this much fun, I'd have started with grandchildren first!


Rattlesnake6 said...

Sally & I send our heartfelt congratulations to you and Rosemary on your first grandchild! What a blessing! We have 11 from our two oldest sons and their wives & we have two that aren't even married yet. In short, if you need some advice, give us a call. I do, however, believe that grandparenting is not only wonderful, but also comes rather naturally. Enjoy. Remember ice cream for breakfast when she's old enough.
PS: Braves? Who are the Braves?

Derek Thomas said...

Thanks "Rattlesnake" Ron! "Naturally"? I need help. I feel exhausted today as though I'd given birth to her myself! Women everywhere will rise and cru "foul" now, I know and justly so! I'm just trying to say that I "lived" through it all, at 4,000 miles distance. Ice-cream for breakfast, O dear. There goes the diet.

Anonymous said...

Ice cream for breakfast...YES.

Grandparenting is wonderful and I very much value your link to Grandparenting by distance, which is my dilemma, as is yours.

Congratulations on your first!! It is a wonderful phase of life that just keeps you smiling.

When you finally hold this wonder you will melt just like the ice cream.

Enjoy. You are both Blessed.