Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Weezie, Barbara, Anna, Sarah and Nate . . . and the Heroes of the Faith

This summer on Wednesday nights, our children have been studying about Christian heroes. One Wednesday night, they followed Gladys Aylward as she safely led Chinese orphan children to safety during the war. Yet another night, they were in prison with John Bunyan as he continued to preach the gospel within the prison walls. While there, he wrote The Pilgrim’s Progress, the best selling book of all time after the Bible. Learning and being inspired by real Christian heroes who have gone before them, the children sang songs, made crafts, heard stories, and make a take home notebook filled with all the heroes about whom they have studied. Throughout the summer Wednesday nights, over 75 different children availed themselves of this opportunity. Next summer we will pick back up with 12 more heroes of the faith, hoping all the while that we are creating some heroes of the faith from our very own.

We thank God for the wonderful folks who led this great study for our children - Weezie Polk, Barbara Porter, Anna Henson, Sarah Riles and Nate Shurden (and their great helpers - Boopie Beard, Susan Livingston, Katy Guthrie, Brad Riles and Sharon Teh). Take a moment and express your appreciation to them.

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