Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Joe in the far north!

Revs. Phillip Palmertree and Joe Holland

Thought you'd like a photograph of Joe Holland at his installation service as Assistant Minister at the PCA church in Kosciusko last Sunday evening. Yours truly gave the charge to Joe--not $25 as I was tempted, but a reminder of the solemn charge given to Dr James Henley Thornwell and Rev F Mullally in May, 1860 at First Presbyterian Church, Columbia. Ligon gave a wonderful 5-point charge to the congregation based on Ephesians 6 (you'll be getting it soon I'm sure in another form when we are done with Ephesians 5! It's another scorcher!). Our own Bebo Elkin also took part, leading us in prayer.

We passed on your regards and wished Joe and Hallie God's blessing on their new sphere of ministry in Kosciusko. Joe, we'll miss you!

And you should have told me that there are so many family connections with First Pres. Jackson before I started saying all things about you folks in Jackson!


O well, it's too late now.

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