Thursday, June 22, 2006

GA Diary

It's 8am. Thursday morning. Dr. Guy Richard is on a huge screen. They're playing a video of post-Katrina disaster life on the Gulf Coast for PCA folk. Over $4 million dollars has been contributed showing the generosity of the PCA family.

I've already attended an RTS breakfast. These get bigger every year as more and more PCA/RTS graduates are added. Feel reassured of the value of seminary education to the life of the church. Ric Cannada did his usual superlative job. He is always so enthusiastic about RTS, even at 6am!

Ligon was in high profile yesterday getting some legislation through that will change the way the Assembly does its business, hopefully streamlining and ensuring that floor discussion is on central issues rather than parliamentary procedures. Sounds good if it works. Not sure Presbyterians can stay away from procedural issues for long, but feel encouraged that this is a step in the right direction.

Thought what it must be like to attend the Assemblies of the PCUSA or Episcopal Synodical meetings (do episcopalians have synodical meetings?). No gay bishops or lesbian clergy in sight here. Praise God.

Bills and Overtures come up this afternoon. Federal Vision is on the docket but doubt these will even get to the floor: it looks as though the overtures may be deemed out of order. There is technical jargon for this which I'm not sure I could relate. Am reassured that the denomination is firmly set against federal vision theology but we aren't clear how to deal with it--at least this year. At times like this I wish we were more episcopalian and we could simply issue a decree and have done with it!

Need to go...things are getting interesting again. More later

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