Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Information on Evangelical Anglicans

A good place to go for information and links on Anglicans who stand in the great Reformed tradition, is - which is the web portal of The Church Society. The Church Society has been promoting biblical truth in Anglicanism for nearly 170 years. Most of the great defenders of protestant Anglicanism in the 19th and 20th centuries were associated with the Society including Bishop Ryle, W.H.Griffith-Thomas, Philip Hughes and Jim Packer. The Times (London) has called the Church Society "senior evangelical body in the Church of England." EVNews is a service of Church Society.

Church Society's work includes
Church Society Trust
Links to other organizations can also be found on the Church Society site. The following sites are listed primarily because of their news coverage, Church Society is not endorsing these orgnizatiosn by providing a link to them.

Other organizations promoting reformed Anglicanism.
Anglican Church league
Church of England in South Africa

Other media sites.
Virtue Online
Anglican Communion News Service
Anglican Media Sydney
Episcopal News Service

Other Anglican sites containing news
Anglican Communon Office
Latimer Fellowship (New Zealand)
Anglican Mainstream
Anglican Communion Institute (USA)

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