Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Belhaven recognizes Two of Our Own!

We are so proud of Barbara Porter and Jimmy Turner, we could pop! Barbara, our Associate Children’s Director, has been named the Bettye Quinn Education Award winner at Belhaven College. This award was instituted at Belhaven College in 2002 and is awarded to an alumnus/a who has been a leader in the field of education. The recipient exemplifies Belhaven’s motto, “To serve, not to be served” in his/her career, community, and church.

In her twenty years as a first-grade teacher at FPDS and now in her work at the church, Barbara has exemplified this servant nature mixed with creativity. We thank God for the joyful diligence she demonstrates in her work with our children and for the godly influence she has had on both our lives and theirs.

She has been recognized for the good reflection she has made of her alma mater. More than that, though, she has glorified God, as she has assisted and continues to assist others in bringing their children up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord (Eph 6:4).

Barbara will be recognized during Belhaven’s Homecoming 2005, November 3-5. For more information visit: http://www.belhaven.edu/Alumni/homecoming.htm

And Jimmy Turner, our former Assistant Pastor and currently the Area Director of CMDA, has been named Belhaven Alumnus of the Year Award, and deservedly so. Jimmy Turner was born in Louisville, MS where he grew up surrounded by a loving family. He attended Rhodes College, and then graduated in 1958 from Belhaven College with a Bachelor of Arts degree. The following two years, he served as Youth Director at First Presbyterian Church, Kosciusko, MS.

Jimmy studied at Columbia Theological Seminary, and upon graduation, became the first Minister of Youth at First Presbyterian Church, Jackson MS. For eight years Jimmy’s Tuesday night high school Bible Study was attended by 150 kids from churches throughout the city. Many from this ministry went into the ministry – Rev. Ric Cannada, President of Reformed Theological Seminary, Rev. Andy Wells, Pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church, Rev. Clay Quarterman, missionary in Eastern Europe. The Youth House was built during his years at First Pres and the concept of youth retreats was introduced. Bible study, discipleship, and evangelism became Jimmy’s focus.

God led Jimmy to Main Street Presbyterian Church, Columbus, MS, as Associate Minister. In 1972 Jimmy, Ford Williams, and Mark Lowrey met in the Turner’s Columbus home to brainstorm concepts that would later become the foundation s of the Reformed University Ministries. During these years in Columbus, Jimmy started a Bible study at the chapel on the Mississippi State campus, which was the beginning of Mississippi’s first campus ministry to be officially named RUF.

In 1974, he received a call to Trinity Presbyterian Church, Montgomery, AL. Jimmy served there for four years as Minister of Youth. In 1978, Jimmy accepted the challenge of starting a Reformed University Ministry on the Ole Miss campus. For ten years Jimmy served as campus minister, often having the weekly large group Bible study attended by 200 students. Small group Bible studies and discipleship were emphasized. A number of the students from Ole Miss have gone into the ministry and are serving in churches and ministries throughout the US.

In 1988, God led Jimmy to First Presbyterian Church, Columbia SC as Associate Minister. IN 1991, Jimmy was honored by members of the Senate of South Carolina for his outstanding work among young people in SC. Again, God led him to First Presbyterian Church, Clarksdale, MS as Associate Minister.

In 1995, Jimmy returned to Jackson as Area Director of Christian Medical and Dental Association on the University Medical Center campus. This unique ministry opportunity to medical, dental, nursing and health related professionals includes weekly large group Bible studies of 100 students, small group studies, one-on-one discipleship, marriage counseling and yearly medical mission trips to Mexico. Jimmy considers this ministry a great challenge as he seeks to use scripture to change the hearts of health care professionals.

Jimmy is married to Ellen White who graduated from Belhaven in 1967. Jimmy and Ellen have three children and six grandchildren.

Jimmy and Barbara, we love, esteem and appreciate you both!

Your friend,


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