Wednesday, August 24, 2005


My friend Barbara Wellborn alerted me to this the other day. I think a lot of folks in our church will appreciate the moral support offered here. This link will get you to a couple of articles (and a book recommendation) by Rebecca Hagelin. She is the Vice President of Communications and Marketing at The Heritage Foundation, has served as Vice President of Communications for, is the author of numerous articles published nationally, the veteran of hundreds of radio, television, newspaper and magazine interviews, including numerous appearances on CNN, Fox News and national network news programs, has taught public relations classes around the country and served as a media coach for various public policy organization leaders and members, businesses, and civic and government officials -- but most importantly, she is the Mom of a teenage daughter. And she is completely exasperated by the challenge of helping her daughter find appropriately clothing. I know that Anne is already finding this hard for our eight year old daughter! Read it Moms - and hang in there!

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