Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Bible Belt - 2005

My friend and fellow elder Richard Ridgway just sent me these fascinating stats from George Barna (For the full report visit George Barna's website at or go directly to
< >.

Richard culled the following highlights:

"the market with the highest percentage of evangelicals is Little Rock, Arkansas, where better than one out of every five adults (22%) met the survey criteria...."

"...metropolitan area [with} the greatest number of evangelical adults [is] Los Angeles."

"the area with the greatest number of evangelicals is California...nearly two million..."

"The state with the highest percentage of adults who are evangelical is Alabama (at 13%, nearly double the national average)."

"...the market with the largest percentage of its adults classified as born again – by a large margin – is Jackson, Mississippi, where 83% of adults meet the criteria."

"There are ten markets in which at least six out of every ten adults are born again – and each of them is located in the South."

"One of the measures developed by George Barna for the Faith By Market report estimates how Christian-oriented a market’s population is, based upon a combination of faith factors. The top market was Jackson, Mississippi, whose indexed score was 46% higher than the national norm. Close behind were Little Rock and Birmingham. Barna noted that in relation to this composite rating, the 16 highest-rated markets were all located in the South."

"...the state whose population generated the highest Christian-orientation score was Alabama."

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