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Gleanings from the Pastor's Perspective: Seeing through to the Spiritual Reality

The Pastor’s Perspective
“Seeing through to the Spiritual Reality”
First Published: December 7, 2000

Well, here we are in the month of December. The year 2000 is almost over. Suddenly, we look up and we’re on the verge of 2001. Hard to believe. Hard to take in. The years are spinning by faster and faster for me. How about you?

Thanks to the many of you who came and brought friends to our special midweek service with John Blanchard. If you missed it, do pick up a copy of the tape in the church tape library. We will continue to make the books Does God Believe in Atheists? and Man of the Millennium available at special discounted prices. Call the Church Office or Library if you are interested.

We are already into the swing of the holiday season. Let’s all remember the importance of being in a constant mindset to minister. On the one hand, this time of year is incredibly busy and can be full of delight for friends and family, on the other, it is a time of loneliness and depression. This presents us with Gospel opportunities. Let’s be mindful to look for them and take advantage of them.

For instance, you may have a friend or acquaintance who has experienced a loss (a spouse, a child, a marriage) and who is feeling isolation and regret in what could be a happy time. You may want to invite this person into your family circle some this year, or give him/her special attention. View this as an opportunity granted you by God to show the love of Christ to someone. And talk about spiritual things! Do it sensitively, but times of loss are often times in which God enters into important dealings with our hearts.

Again, this time of year provides many opportunities to reach out to those whom we know and love who do not have an active saving faith in Christ. Perhaps you have a friend, family member or colleague who does not go to church and who shows little signs of real spiritual interest. Well, the holiday season provides some unique, low-key occasions for you to reach out. Sunday School class parties, our church’s Christmas music, family celebrations and the like are all things to which we can invite non-Christian friends. These occasions are non-threatening but are suffused with Spiritual reality. Such events provide the opportunity for you to talk about spiritual things, and develop relationships with Gospel purposes in view. Let’s aim, then, to bear witness to Christ this Christmas.

Your friend,

Ligon Duncan

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