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Gleanings from the Pastor's Perspective: Looking back at God’s Providence

The Pastor’s Perspective
Vol. 33 Num. 15
“Looking back at God’s Providence”
First Published: April 14, 2000

We have been contemplating God’s providence in the life of Joseph over the last few weeks, and it struck me this morning, we have seen so many evidences of his fatherly rule in these days. I was struck by it as the Session voted last night to significantly support two new Reformed University Ministries (RUM) works on the campuses of Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia and at the University of Maryland. One campus minister is a Mississippian who greatly benefitted from the Gospel labors of this church – God’s providence. First Presbyterian has been, in God’s grace, used to support RUM works, not just in the South and Southeast, but all over the country – God’s providence. I wonder, how many lives will be gripped by Christ, through your generosity and kingdom vision, and in God’s providence what are his plans for prospering the work of your hands?

I thought about God’s providence as the Session voted to expand our support of the Christian Medical and Dental Society (CMDS) and the ministry of Jimmy Turner at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. First, God has plopped us down right in the middle of this state’s major hospital complex (with Baptist, UMC and St. Dominic’s close by, and Riveroaks and CMMC not far away). Second, he has filled our church with healthcare professionals (close to 200 doctors, nurses, PT’s, administrators and such, and who knows how many students). Third, he has brought Jimmy Turner, former assistant and youth minister here at FPC, back to Jackson to carry out a dynamic ministry through CMDS. Jimmy’s group may be the largest on-campus CMDS group in the country. Fourth, God has burdened a number of our physicians and staff to reach out to the medical community.
Your friend,

Ligon Duncan

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