Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Young Adult Ministry

The Website

Some of you have been requesting an update on Young Adult Ministry at FPC Jackson. I’ve been tempted (in a good way) to pen a “state of the union” report for the blog or for the First Epistle to keep you up to date and to remind you of all the ways you can pray for and be involved in young adult ministry.

I’ve decided, however, to point you to the command center of our young adult ministry—our website. By visiting the website, you can see first hand all the great opportunities for young adults at FPC. While on the website, please sign up for our e-newsletter and join our facebook group. These are other great ways to stay up to speed with young adult ministry.

This is the time of year when we see more graduate students and young professionals move into the Jackson area to begin school or work. If you know a young adult member or recent visitor that is looking for a place to plug into the body life of FPC, please let Brad Mills, Steve Smith, or myself know. You will find all our contact information on the website!

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