Friday, April 10, 2009

Missionary Spotlight

Jeff and Mary Baldwin, Greece

Jeff Baldwin was born in 1965 in West Chicago, Illinois. One year later, his parents arrived in Athens Greece as Greater Europe Mission’s first missionaries to that country, with the intent of founding a Bible Institute, a goal that came to fruition in 1980.

As a missionary kid, Jeff was sent to Greek public schools all his life, so he grew up fully immersed in the Greek culture and language. Although he found the Lord at an early age, there were many times when he was not pleased with the decision of his parents to be missionaries, and often resented the fact that he had to grow up in another country. But at age 15, at a youth conference, he was moved to dedicate the rest of his life to Christian service. With this in mind, he enrolled at Moody Bible Institute, and then later, Dallas Theological Seminary.

In his first year of study at Moody, it became clear to him that the vision of his parents was to be his own, that throughout the years God had been preparing him for this position. So, for the next 11 years, Jeff prepared through education, as well as through two years in the pastorate, to become a teacher at the Greek Bible Institute. He and his wife Mary have been serving there since 1995.

While there Jeff has taught many different subjects in Old Testament, New Testament, and theology. He also preaches almost every Sunday at the Greek Evangelical Church of the Northern Suburbs of Athens, and is invited to speak at youth conferences and Bible conferences throughout Greece. Jeff was appointed director of the Greek Bible Institute in 2004.

Currently, in addition to the challenges of leading the Bible School, Jeff is working on his doctorate at the Evangelical Theological Faculty, in Leuven, Belgium. Jeff and Mary have two boys and a girl: William (16), Paul (13), and Danae (11).

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