Friday, March 13, 2009

Missionary Spotlight

Stan and Donna Armes, South Africa

In the past year, the Armes have had a desire to take a year of reflection and ask God what he would want them to do for the next few years. Currently, the Armes are on HMA (Home Ministry Assignment) from Jan –July 2009 and will be living in Springfield, ILL.

Stan had been involved with teaching several classes in the past year: Missions, Introduction to Ethics, Advanced Ethics, O.T. Historical Books, and the Doctrines of Christ and Salvation. He also was responsible for the Practical Placement Programme which places students in churches under the leadership of a local pastor. These students are able to get training and experience in preaching and counseling, and in preparing for and leading worship services.

One of the highlights for Stan and Donna is teaching marriage seminars. A shocking statistic in Port Elizabeth, the city where they lived, was that it has been called the “Divorce Capital of the World” where up to 70% of the marriages end up in divorce.

When they return to South Africa, Donna and Stan desire to teach part-time at the Bible College and then spend their other time putting together a basic course on the Biblical view of marriage. They want this course to have a particular African flavor so it can be used in other parts of Africa, as well as South Africa. The Armes believe that if people in Africa get marriage and the family working on biblical principles, it will positively influence the rampant crime and HIV issues in South Africa.

Specific prayer requests
1. Pray for a comfortable and reliable car during their time on HMA. Stan is putting together a Power Point presentation that will adequately describe what they have been doing in South Africa.
2. Finishing up the work in South Africa and with the college. Please pray for the students and their continued sustenance in biblical teaching.
3. Pray for preparation for the marriage training when they return to Africa.

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