Friday, July 25, 2008

Rick and Terri Herr, North Carolina

Rick and Terri have been with Wycliffe for over 27 years. They are currently both directors with Wycliffe in Waxhaw, North Carolina. Rick manages the JAARS (Jungle Aviation and Radio Services) Facilities Maintenance Department, and Terri directs the MK Station (morning preschool for missionary kids). Rick and Terri have two teenagers Ben (17) and Maria (14).
They were in Colombia, South America before returning to the United States. Rick and Terri are currently waiting on the Lord for their next overseas assignment. Until then, Terri and Rick are both fulfilled in their current assignments and feel the important part they have in Bible translation here in America.
Last year, JAARS Center hosted a Dedication Celebration for the Gullah People of South Carolina and Georgia. The Gullah People are a group of African Americans who are from slave ancestry from West Africa and who have developed their own Creole dialect and culture. God’s Word speaks to them more clearly in the Gullah language and Wycliffe have teamed with believers from that group and have finished the New Testament.

Prayer Requests:
For wisdom in parenting two teenagers.
For more who would partner with them in prayer and giving.
Pray for daily strength and endurance.

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