Friday, April 11, 2008

Missionary Spotlight ~ Sidney and Louise Anderson, Czech Republic

Sidney and Louise have had the privilege of serving in the US, Nigeria, and the Czech Republic. Louise came to faith in Christ through the witness of her mother, and Sidney through the witness of his parents.

In Nigeria, the Andersons worked with the Tiv Tribe working in theological education and evangelism. The spiritual climate among the Tiv stands in stark contrast to that of Prague, Czech Republic, the birthplace of the Reformation. Today only about half of one percent of all Czechs are Evangelical Christians.

The Andersons’ goal is reformation in Central Europe. They plan to approach this enormous task by (1) church planting (2) theological training, and (3) publication of Reformed literature. They know, on the other hand, that without prayer nothing of eternal weight can be accomplished. The task is too enormous in such a thoroughly secularized culture. Will you join with them in prayer for the Czech Republic? Three churches have been started: at Zlin in Moravia (now particularized), at Zbraslav in Southern Prague, and at Strechovice in Northern Prague. There are plans for a fourth congregation in Modrany, also part of Prague, the capital city.

Sidney and Louise have one son named Paul.

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