Thursday, October 25, 2007

Missionary Spotlight ~ Moner & Stenia Shaded, Poland

In 1968, Moner Shaded arrived in Poland from his native Syria. Although a third generation Christian, Moner did not have missionary ambitions in Poland; he came to study mechanical engineering. But God had other ideas. Under the Communist regime in Poland, Moner found few opportunities for Christian fellowship. So, with appropriate caution, he wrote to Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC), inviting him to begin ministry in Poland. In response, the first campus ministry of CCC began underground in Poland, with Moner at its forefront.

For 23 years, Moner and his wife, Stenia, worked in campus and community ministry as part of CCC staff. Yet, as students came to know Jesus Christ through their ministry, Moner and Stenia were dismayed by the lack of churches where these students could continue to grow and mature. They recall, “God placed it on our hearts that the church is His primary vehicle to reach the lost. There is a great need for churches with a vision to reach the country for Christ.”

Moner and Stenia, in response to the need, planted the Good Shepherd Church in Warsaw in 1993. Along with continued ministry in the church, they are seeking to develop and equip leadership for a church planting movement.

They established Covenant Theological Seminary in Warsaw to train servants of the triune God to walk with God, to interpret and communicate God's Word, and to lead God's people.

Moner and Stenia enjoy times when their scattered family can be together. While the two youngest Filemon and Miriam live with their parents, Damaris, Amadeus, Eunika, Timothy and Luke live in different cities in Poland and the USA.

Prayer needs:
* Pray that God would raise up leaders for the church multiplication movement in Poland.
* Pray for unity in the body of Christ in Poland.
* Pray that Moner and Stenia would be effective at building a network and structure for the training and sending of multiplying church planters.

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