Friday, June 29, 2007

Report on our team in Peru

PCA minister Roland Barnes is in Peru right now, and gives this glimpse of what our own team (led by Ruling Elder Danny Story) is doing:

"Yesterday, after a time of devotion and prayer, we continued work at the construction site. Some of us were pounding away with a small sledge hammer busting up an old concrete column so we could remove it.

Others were cutting rebar into lengths so that they could then be bent into a square shape. These pieces of rebar will be used to build the rebar frame for a new column. Other workers were mixing concrete so they could pour it into the footings. At the same time that we are working on the building the medical team from FPC, Jackson is at work in the church building. They had to close the doors this morning because someone put an announcement on a local radio station about the free clinic and when they arrived this morning there were already too many people to see. They worked until 8:00 p.m. last night. The sanctuary is the waiting room and the back rooms are the patient rooms. Phil went over and translated an evangelistic message for those who were waiting to be seen. There is also a cardiologist from FPC, Jackson who is seeing patients. There is another group of people from FPC, Jackson who are doing VBS and sports with the children."

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