Wednesday, February 21, 2007

They're Coming!

If you are still not familiar with the "helicopter parent" phenomenon, watch out. They (we? us?) are now invading college dorms and classrooms, job fairs, and corner offices. See the New Times, Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Times articles.

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Anonymous said...

This is partly technology, like the articles reveal, but it is mostly because parents haven't learned to have their own lives. And, this is because they are too busy signing their kids up for everything, then having to drive them to all those things. The pattern develops of being with them wherever they go, even when they grow older and get their own vehicles.

Did the articles ever answer "why" these parents can't let go?

What is the answer? Some of the articles suggest training them at orientations on college campuses, but surely this is far too late to begin? Training parents to be parents. . .at college?

And, what about after they are married? I'm guessing it doesn't stop after college, or after getting them the perfect job with the perfect parent-negotiated salary. . .

Any young marrieds out there care to comment? You can, of course, be anonymous!