Friday, September 22, 2006

Young, Restless and Reformed - CT Cover Story

Christianity Today ran a nice story this month on the resurgence of Calvinism among the younger generation. It focuses on Together for the Gospel (a conference in which I participated with Mark Dever, Al Mohler and C.J. Mahaney) and on a number of friends of First Pres. Jackson (like Kent Hughes, John Piper, Tim Keller, etc). Check it out here.


Matt H said...

Pastor Duncan,

What are your thoughts about some of the criticism this article and even the movement it describes are receiving? (i.e. some are saying, "Well, these people aren't REALLY Reformed!)

Here is one such criticism that has really bothered me, who consider myself part of this young, restless, and Reformed movement.

Ligon Duncan said...

Thanks mh. I thought the CT article was very, very positive (a point that these chaps seem to miss). I really haven't paid much attention to critics of the article or the movement. I think the Lord of the church is stirring his people, and nothing and no one can hold him back!

The "Mark Dever and Al Mohler aren't Reformed" statements, don't bother me - they amuse me. Mark and Al are indeed Baptists, but they are confessional, reformed, Christians, in the most comprehensive sense. Yes, they differ from the magisterial Reformers and confessions on baptism and church government, but they personally and ecclesially embrace time-honored confessional theology that comes right out of that same great tradition.

Further, as historical theologians, I would put them up against anyone. It would be fun, for instance, for some of their critics to step into Al's study some night, with Mark there too, (I'll referee!), and we'd see who knows more reformed historical theology!

So, dear brother, be encouraged. If this reformed resurgence is a God-thing, no critic can undo its work.

Matt H said...

Pastor Duncan,

Brother, I can't tell how encouraging you're words are nor how thankful I am for them. To be reassured that those with whom I find the most in common theologically right now "embrace time-honored confessional theology that comes right out of that same great tradition" gives me the confidence I need to continue joyfully studying at a Reformed seminary (WSC).

I have watched this movement from within for the past few years and only now am part of a Reformed community. This was exciting for me, but the criticism I noted almost immediately from some was rather discouraging and tempted me to rethink my desire to embed myself within Reformed orthodoxy. However, the encouragement I received almost immediately from you, Dennis Johnson, and others has sharpened me and spurred me on in this endeavor to know Christ more fully as he is revealed in his Word, to embrace good theology, and to delight in the same Gospel that is currently reforming the Church and enlivening so many other young, restless, and Reformed men and women like myself.