Thursday, July 20, 2006

One small Step for Man...

I remember it well. I was "sweet sixteen" and a black and white TV, with terrible picture quality and even worse audio relayed the famous words, "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

That was July 20, 1969, the words uttered by Neil Armstrong of the Apollo 11 crew.

It still captivates me. Man's appetite for exploration, to explore the vast universe which God created, most of which is inaccessible to us. I wonder if, in the new heavens and new earth, cosmology will be essentially the same as this one, with sin and its effects removed. I wonder if we will be subject to a different physics than the one we currently understand? Perhaps then, we may be able to visit the cosmos in a way that Jesus glimpses when he appears and disappears after the resurrection.

Just a thought!


Anonymous said...

I am lost. Neil Armstrongs walk on the moon and " sin and its effect removed " from earth.

Could you detail your thoughts a bit more? I am not getting the connection.

Is the Space Age testing your beliefs in mankind? I doubt. In the Bible's teachings? I doubt even more. Or, in modern man being able to witness a resurrection...from one so humble and imperfect.

Anonymous said...


I always thought I was the only one who thinks that way. If sinners could go to the moon what would redeemed do in the same cosmology. Fill the earth and multiply without sin would have lead to evenually expanding to other atmosphere's to subdue and planets to exercise dominion over other planets or galaxies.

Guess Who

Derek Thomas said...

It was the "anonymous" that made me pause, but I was merely wondering if, in the world to come (as Meredith Kline seems to think in his latest book as an octogenarian, and probably his last) whether in the transformed universe, still material and corporeal, travel in space may have some differences to what we envision now. The blog wasn't a serious consideration of the issue, though I must confess that I often think about it.